Your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
have a new best friend.

Your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
have a new best friend.


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The simple way to get a smart home.

RemoteLync from Kidde is a remote notification device that listens for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home and sends an alert to your smartphone when there’s a potential issue.


Peace of mind hits home.

While your home may be an important part of your life, you can’t always be there to protect it. That’s why RemoteLync from Kidde helps you do it from anywhere.

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Check out features and capabilities.

Smoke Detector

You can teach an old smoke or CO alarm new tricks.

RemoteLync communicates with most UL-listed smoke and CO alarms manufactured after 1999, which means you won’t have to install all-new alarms throughout your home.

Wall Outlet

Plug in to peace of mind.

The device plugs into a standard 120V outlet, just like any other household device – no special power sources or adapters needed.


One device. Complete coverage for your home.

One RemoteLync unit covers your entire home – no need to use multiple units on different floors or areas of the house.


Connect with your existing wireless network.

RemoteLync quickly and easily links to your home’s WiFi network and uses it to send alerts to your smartphone.

1-Year Limited Warranty


See how it works

Keeping your home safe shouldn’t be hard work. So from setup to operation we made everything about RemoteLync incredibly simple.

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Use your smartphone for a smarter home.

RemoteLync works using an app for iPhone and iPad or Android devices. You can use the links below to download the appropriate app for your device.


RemoteLync available on the App Store
RemoteLync Android app on Google Play


Kidde RemoteLync Product

Fetch yours today.

RemoteLync from Kidde – along with a full line of advanced fire safety products – is available at your local or online retailer for less than $100 with no recurring fees.