Show us & win!

Show us & win!

Chasing the cat. A long-lost bone buried in the backyard. That Frisbee collecting dust. With Kidde’s RemoteLync™ Monitor and RemoteLync Camera alerting you to smoke and carbon monoxide issues and helping you watch over your home via smartphone, your dog is now free to go back to, well, being a dog.

Congratulations to the grand prize and runner-up winners of the Let Your Dog Be a Dog Contest, selected at random from thousands of entries! We hope you enjoy your prizes!

All winners will receive a RemoteLync™ Monitor and Camera for their homes. The grand prize winner will also receive a $200 gift card to a licensed dog spa and Kidde Worry-Free Fire Safety Gift Pack featuring smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and other products. As part of the contest, Kidde is donating $500 to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, an organization chosen by the grand prize winner. The organization trains rescued dogs that help firefighters in search missions.

Thank you to all people and furry friends who participated in the contest. We had a lot of fun seeing what your dog would do with its spare time if you had Kidde’s RemoteLync Monitor and Camera.

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A whole new breed of simple home security.

With our RemoteLync Monitor and RemoteLync Camera, Kidde is making it easier to watch over your home when you’re not there.

Kidde RemoteLync Monitor

There is a simpler way to get a smart home.

RemoteLync Monitor from Kidde is a remote notification device that listens for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home and sends an alert to your smartphone when there’s a potential issue.

Kidde RemoteLync Camera

Simple home security has been unleashed.

RemoteLync Camera from Kidde is a battery-operated, cordless camera that alerts you via smartphone when motion is detected in your home while you’re away.

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