Your guard dog can
let his guard down.

Your guard dog can
let his guard down.


Wireless Home Security Camera

Kidde Remote Lync Product

Simple home security has been unleashed.

RemoteLync Camera from Kidde is a battery-operated, cordless camera that alerts you via smartphone when motion is detected in your home while you’re away.


Stay connected with your home, everywhere you go.

With RemoteLync Camera, no matter where you are, the ability to watch over your house is always right there with you. Best of all, you don’t need to learn any new tricks to use it.

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Explore RemoteLync Camera’s features and capabilities.


No hub. No cord. No wires. No worries.

RemoteLync installs anywhere in minutes with no tools, thanks to a magnetic base mounted with adhesive strips. Plus, the battery lasts around three months on a single charge.


Peace of mind is practically automatic.

The device can automatically arm and disarm your home when you leave, using an intelligent geo-fence. Or, if you’d prefer to set the device manually, you can do that too.


Accuracy in motion.

The camera detects motion through the use of a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, which dramatically reduces false alarms. Depending on the use of your camera, you can choose to activate the device’s “pet-mode” feature to prevent your pet’s movement from triggering the camera.


Viewing and storing video is a walk in the park.

When triggered by motion or on demand, the camera will start recording a five- to 30-second video, and you’ll receive an alert on your phone using your home’s existing WiFi network. You can then view and download clips in near real-time, store them for up to 12 hours for free.


See how it works

From setup to installation to operation, when it comes to keeping an eye on your home, we keep it simple.

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Use your smartphone for a smarter home.

RemoteLync Camera works using an app for iPhone and iPad or Android devices. You can use the links below to download the appropriate app for your device.


RemoteLync available on the App Store
RemoteLync Android app on Google Play


Kidde RemoteLync Camera

Fetch yours today.

RemoteLync Camera and other advanced fire safety products from Kidde are available online or at your local home improvement retailer. Click the links below for setup advice, contact info or to purchase today.